Vegan MoFo Day 8 – Fluffernutter!

9 10 2012

First things first, MoFo-ers!  I am officially a day behind on my holidays.  Blogging every day is more challenging than I thought it would be… my deepest respect goes out to all the year-round bloggers out there who manage to juggle jobs and family and fun and still take fantastic photos and write blog posts that make me laugh and make me hungry!  I leave for work at the crack of dawn or before and I get home at about 6pm, and I can’t even imagine having their energy!    So in the spirit of MoFo, which is all about having fun and celebrating amazing vegan food, I’m trying to cut myself a little slack.  So don’t be surprised if I miss a day now and again and have to catch myself up later.  I promise I’ll get all the holidays… I just might be a day or two behind!

Yesterday was National Fluffernutter Day!  I had to look this one up.  Apparently the fluffernutter was invented in New England once commercial marshmallow fluff came into being.  The name came from the marketing department of the company that made the fluff, in an attempt to make marshmallow fluff seem like part of a well-rounded meal.  A fluffernutter is basically a peanut butter and marshmallow fluff sandwich on soft white bread.


We used Ricemellow Creme (which I was pleasantly surprised to find at our local health food store)  and chunky peanut butter.  I’m a smooth peanut butter girl myself, but the dude of the house likes crunchy so that’s what we had in the pantry.  The bread is a soft white Italian loaf that we got at our local grocery store.  I probably should have used Wonder Bread to be authentic, but I just could’t do it.  Even the thought of Wonder Bread makes me die a little on the inside.  (Plus I have no idea if Wonder Bread is vegan.)  With the Italian bread, at least I know I’m going to use the rest of the loaf for delicious noochy toast.

Unlike noochy toast, which is a fantastic idea, I was pretty skeptical about the fluffernutter.  I’m not sure why it seems so weird to me; peanut butter and marshmallow on, say, a graham cracker or something sounds pretty good.  But something about putting it on bread just sounds yuck.

The ooze factor was definitely there when we cut it in half.  It had grilled cheese level ooziness.

If we would have spread the fluff any thicker, it would have been a big, sticky mess.

So how did it taste?  It tasted like peanut butter and marshmallow fluff on soft bread.  Sorry, I can’t think of anything more clever.  It was actually pretty bland for an item with such an interesting name.  If you do decide to try it, I recommend you use smooth peanut butter… the peanut bits were the only thing in the sandwich that weren’t smooshy, and it sort of kept the sandwich from melting in your mouth the way it was trying to.  In fact, I might try to recreate this another day using a smooth chocolate nut butter, Ricemellow Creme, and a sweeter, more dessert-y bread.  In a panini press.  There’s some definite room for improvement from the original, and a grilled dessert sandwich just might do it for me.

The upside of this experiment is the word “fluffernutter.”  It has become the unofficial replacement swear word at our house.  We’ve spent the last day telling each other to fluff off and laughing hysterically.  Simple pleasures.  🙂

Today is both National Moldy Cheese Day, and National Submarine Sandwich Day.  Tomorrow I will bring you a delicious Sub Sandwich! See you then!




4 responses

10 10 2012
panda cookie

Fluff on!

10 10 2012

Oh, yeah!

10 10 2012

looks great! also, woo for crunchy people! my hubs and kid are creamy only people. booooooring.

10 10 2012

Crunchy hippie!!! 🙂

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