Vegan MoFo Day 9 – BBQ Sandwiches!

10 10 2012

Happy (Belated) National Hoagie/Hero/Grinder Day!!!

This is my favorite food holiday so far.  I just finished celebrating, and I am SO FULL.  I want to go down and eat the leftovers straight out of the fridge.  I want to put all the food IN MY MOUTH, even though there isn’t any more room in my stomach.

To start things off, Julie Hasson is a goddess.  If you don’t know about Julie, visit her blog at or check out her amazing cooking tutorials here: or on YouTube.  And Julie’s cookbook, Vegan Diner, is probably my most used, most loved cookbook.  If you like diner-style comfort food you owe it to yourself to get this book.

The reason that I’m reminding everyone that Julie is a goddess is because I decided to make Barbecue Soy Curl Po’Boys to celebrate National Long Sandwich With Many Names Day.  And I used both of the BBQ sauces in Julie’s book.  And they were SO GOOD I licked the very last fingerfuls of sauce out of the pot before I washed it.

You can find Julie’s recipe for Rough Rider BBQ sauce here.  I made the spicy variation, which added a really wonderful heat on the back end of the sauce.  It’s pretty sweet on its own, so I recommend the variation unless you really don’t like spice.  I also made her Carolina BBQ Sauce to drizzle over the BBQ soy curls and cut the sweetness of the Rough Rider sauce a bit.  She recommends it in the book… and usually if someone recommends it in their own book, it’s a good idea.

To make my BBQ soy curls, I rehydrated the curls, strained out the soaking water, and sauteed with the Rough Rider BBQ sauce.  It looked like this in the pan:

Seriously, you all know by now that I’m a pretty crap-tastic photographer, but even I can’t make these look bad.  They’re that good.

Since neither of the sauces I made had any garlic in it, I made a simple garlic vinegar slaw to add to the sandwiches.  I used the half-head of green cabbage left over from taco night; a quarter of an onion I found hanging out in the fridge, diced; three cloves of garlic (I like garlic A LOT) smashed through a garlic press; seasoned rice vinegar (I wanted sweet and mild, not sharp, but you could use apple cider vinegar); and a generous amount of salt and pepper.  I let it sit and meld while everything cooked.

Then I assembled my sandwich.  Here’s the end result:

I used a sourdough baguette for the bread because when I lived in Louisiana I fell in love with po’boys on baguettes.  I love the chewiness a baguette brings to this type of sandwich.  A generous layer of sauced soy curls, a drizzle of Carolina BBQ sauce, and a heap of garlicky slaw.

Soooo goood.  These are going into regular rotation at our house!





7 responses

10 10 2012
Anna (NorthVanVegan)

Yum, looks great! I haven’t tried soy curls yet, but I will be on the lookout for them.

10 10 2012

They’re so worth trying! There really isn’t anything else out there like them, and they are really good! They’re minimally processed, but have a really great texture… plus they’re so easy to use, which I love.

11 10 2012

I wish we could get soy curls in the UK, i’ve been eyeing that recipe for ages, it looks great. I wonder if it would work with tvp chunks….

12 10 2012

I bet you could use chunk TVP. It wouldn’t be exactly the same, but it should still be good!

11 10 2012

Yum! I’m sorry I missed that holiday; I’ll have to celebrate it late.

11 10 2012

I looooove bbq soy curls – too bad I can’t get soy curls anywhere near me! I had mine leftover cold and leftover on cheese quesadillas (on my blog) and they were still AWESOME.

12 10 2012

I usually mail order mine. Do you have a 7th Day Adventist bookstore near you? Butler is actually an Adventist company, and sometimes I get lucky and can find soy curls in the Adventist bookstore in my town. They also carry a couple of other brands of vegan meats that I can’t find anywhere else locally, and even though I’m about as far from religious as you can get, I’ve never been made to feel anything but welcome there.

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