Vegan MoFo Day 7 – Milkshake!

7 10 2012

Happy National Frappe Day!

Did you know that in New England, a frappe is the same thing as a milkshake?  I didn’t until Wikipedia told me.  I thought I was going to have to make some foofoo coffee drink that I wouldn’t really enjoy (I like simple coffee), but then I found out that I was going to get down with my ice-cream self.  It made my day.

So through the magic of Google, I discovered that somebody actually loves strawberry milkshakes enough to buy a domain name.  See?  And that kind of dedication demanded my respect, so I used their recipe as a starting point.

I had everything in the house, with a few tweaks.  I used frozen strawberries, vanilla Coconut Bliss ice cream, and vanilla soy milk (left over from the flan).  Because I was using a flavored soy milk I left out the sweetener, and because I was using frozen strawberries I left out the ice cubes.  A couple of minutes in the Vitamix and I had a strawberry milkshake frappe!  I haven’t had one in years, so to celebrate I immediately gave myself an ice-cream headache.

I think I’m going to celebrate this every year.




One response

8 10 2012
Galen @ omgoshimvegan

I’m with you …. props to the person with that dedication. I’ve been making some homemade ice cream recently and this frappe (I didn’t know it was a milkshake either) sounds really good.

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